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Fine-Tuning Ad Spend: A Google Ads Success Story for a Plumbing Firm

Introduction: In the digital advertising realm, fine-tuning ad campaigns to yield better results without escalating costs is an art and science. In December 2022, a reputable plumbing firm entrusted us with the management of their Google Ads account. The goal was straightforward – optimize the advertising campaign to generate more client conversions while reducing the overall ad spend. This case study outlines our strategic approach and the remarkable outcomes achieved.

Objective: The primary aim was to enhance the cost-effectiveness and performance of the Google Ads campaign by reducing the Cost Per Conversion (CPC), increasing the overall conversion count, and improving the Click-Through-Rate (CTR), all while trimming the advertising budget.

Strategy and Execution: The strategy was bifurcated into two major steps:

  1. Refocusing Google Ads Efforts: The initial step was to realign the Google Ads efforts towards the most fruitful keywords and ad placements, based on an in-depth analysis of historical performance data.
  2. Account Optimization: Simultaneously, a meticulous optimization of the account settings, targeting parameters, and ad creatives was executed to ensure the campaign resonated well with the target audience and met the client’s objectives.


  1. Cost Efficiency:
    • Achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in Cost Per Conversion, dropping it to $26.13, which marked a significant achievement in cost efficiency.
    • Successfully reduced ad spend by around 30%, thereby saving substantial resources which could be reallocated to other strategic areas.
  2. Conversion Enhancement:
    • The overall conversion count escalated by 38%, indicating a substantial increase in client engagement and potential business opportunities.
  3. CTR Improvement:
    • An impressive uplift of over 265% in Click-Through-Rate was observed, reflective of more engaging and relevant ad content that resonated well with the target audience.
  4. Interactive Reporting:
    • A live interactive dashboard was provided monthly, offering a transparent, real-time insight into various campaign performance metrics, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement.

Conclusion: This case illuminates the transformative potential of strategic Google Ads management in amplifying performance metrics while adhering to budget constraints. The systematic approach of refocusing ad efforts, coupled with meticulous account optimization, led to a significant uptick in conversions and CTR, alongside a notable reduction in cost metrics. This endeavor also fostered a culture of transparency and continuous engagement between us and the client, laying a solid foundation for future collaborative successes in the digital advertising space.

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