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Exceptional Performance Through Strategic Google Ads Campaigns

Background: Our client, an eCommerce store, had a well-established Google Ads setup that was already performing at an impressive 8x ROAS. However, they were looking to push the boundaries further and set a target of 10x ROAS. With our expertise, we took on the challenge to exceed this target within a three-month period.

Objective: The primary goal was to achieve a minimum ROAS of 10x from June 1 to August 31, 2023, while also increasing conversions and conversion value.

Strategy & Implementation:

  1. Website & Product Page Optimisation: We focused on improving the website’s loading speed, optimising product detail pages by adding images, videos, Q&A sections, and increasing the number of reviews. We also highlighted offers, especially during peak sales periods like EOFY.
  2. Optimised Product Feed: We revamped the product feed by optimising product titles, descriptions, adding missing GTINs, choosing attractive product images, and fixing all disapproved products in Google Merchant Center.
  3. Campaign Strategy: Based on historical data, we crafted strategies for search, shopping, performance max, and discovery campaigns. We launched Performance Max campaigns for high-performing products, standard shopping campaigns with proper structuring, discovery campaigns with product feeds, and search campaigns targeting performing products and categories.
  4. Campaign Optimisation: We continuously monitored and optimised our campaigns. Non-performing keywords and products were paused, bids were adjusted to increase impression share, and ads were optimised for better CTR.


  • Performance Max Campaign:
    • Conversions: Saw a significant rise of 333.20, reaching a total of 536.02 conversions.
    • Conversion Value: Increased by $242K, totalling $363K.
    • ROAS: Achieved an astounding 15.89x, representing an increase of approximately 80.2%

Conclusion: Our strategic approach and continuous optimisation led to results that not only met but significantly exceeded the client’s objectives. Despite starting with an already optimised campaign setup that had an 8x ROAS, we surpassed the target of 10x ROAS, achieving a remarkable 15.89x ROAS. This case study stands as a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

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